45th October Art Salon/Continental Breakfast, Belgrade
International exhibition for the first time
Belgrade, 10. September - 31. October 2004



International conference, Continental Breakfast - SYMBOLIC AND PERSONAL GEOGRAPHIES OF CONTEMPORARY ART was organised for the first time within the 45th October Art Salon. The Conference was held on September 11th and 12th 2004 in the 25th May Museum - Museum of Yugoslav history, in Belgrade.

The Conference was held in four working sessions and several discussions. During the Conference the questions of symbolic and personal geographies of contemporary art were raised.

The theoretical frame of the October Art Salon helped us understand the art/cultural phenomena not just through works of art but also through new scientific thinking.

The new regards and definitions of international and domestic art/cultural scene, the new contents and strategies, the question of identity and intercultural dialogue in a sense of common practice on the unique scene of contemporary art, which have been presented by speakers during the Conference, are published in the bilingual Compendium, Symbolic and Personal Geographies of Contemporary Art.

The organizer thanks to all participants and institutions which have supported this project and helped us to realize the International conference, within the 45th October Art Salon, Continental Breakfast, Belgrade.