45th October Art Salon/Continental Breakfast, Belgrade
International exhibition for the first time
Belgrade, 10. September - 31. October 2004


We are pleased to inform You that the first international October Art Salon will be held in Belgrade (Serbia&Montenegro) under the title 45th October Art Salon/Continental Breakfast, Belgrade. The art director is Anda Rottenberg, art historian from Poland. The vernissage is on Friday 10th September. The inauguration with award ceremony is on Saturday 11th September 2004. During the opening weekend (11th and 12th September, 2004) the international conference Symbolic and Personal Geographies of Contemporary Art will be held.

The October Art Salon (www.oktobarskisalon.org) is a representative event in the domain of visual arts. Thanks to its four-decade-long tradition (it was founded in 1960), Salon represents a significant segment in the study of Modern Serbian art in the second half of the twentieth century.Up-till-now the October Salon has been promoting only artists from Serbia. This year's Salon is an international event which will present artists from all over Europe (Pistoletto, Kabakov, Boltanski, Gursky, Delvoye, Narkevicius, Balka, Uklanski, Kahrs, Abramovic, Todosijevic, Otasevic, Tomic, Joksimovic, Kaludjerovic, Radovanovic...). Installations, photographs, performances, prints, paintings will be displayed in several venues. The main part of the exhibition will be held at the Museum of Yugoslav history 25th May as well as at the galleries in the very heart of the city of Belgrade.

45th October Art Salon "Continental Breakfast", Belgrade is a part of a huge international art project "Continental Breakfast" (www.continentalbreakfast.org) which was inaugurated at the CEI Venice Forum held in Venice in June 2003.