45th October Art Salon/Continental Breakfast, Belgrade
International exhibition for the first time
Belgrade, 10. September - 31. October 2004


Presentation of the 45th October Salon concept in the City Assembly of Belgrade

The concept presentation of 45th October Salon took place in the Hall of the Belgrade City Assembly on Monday, 15th December 2003. Mrs Radmila Hrustanovic, the Mayor of Belgrade, was the host of this presentation. After her welcoming speech, Mr. Bojan Bem, the President of the October Salon Board, explained the concept changes of October Salon to the guests: "Inflexibility, inertia, incapability of adapting to a new spiritual ambience, which had brought the "expanded media" with it and in a way started closing the ideological gap between "sophisticated" and "applied" visual art techniques, made us realize a long time ago that pursuing old strategies in the domain of exhibiting works of art was getting counter-productive.

Therefore, the Salon stepped out of its usual venue - the Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric" and moved to some other settings around the city: various galleries, the Memorial Centre "25th May", legacy buildings and outdoor city locations. Selectors replaced the jury of the Salon. Afterwards, the function of art director was instituted.

The Art Director of the Salon created a concept of the entire event together with her/his assistants. Finally, the moment came when the Salon should be transformed into an international art event. Therefore, the October Salon Board appointed Mrs Anda Rotenberg, a renowned art historian and critic from Poland, to be the Art Director of 45th October Salon. Mrs Anda Rotenberg presented a project called "Continental breakfast".

Mrs. Danica Jovovic Prodanovic, the Director of the Belgrade Cultural Centre, announced at the end of this presentation that a conference -symposium would take place on 11th and 12th September, that is in the course of this exhibition. Renowned foreign and domestic art historians and theoreticians, sociologists, culturologists and artists were going to take part in it.

Mrs Jovovic Prodanovic also invited foreign ambassadors and other representatives of foreign countries, as well as business people from our country, to support 45th October Salon, adding that it was going to be an international exhibition for the first time since its inception and that it was going to be held from 11th September till 31st October 2004 in Belgrade.