45th October Art Salon/Continental Breakfast, Belgrade
International exhibition for the first time
Belgrade, 10. September - 31. October 2004

Concept changes of October Salon

During its work on the concept of 45th October Salon, the Council of the last year's Salon concluded that there was a need to change the concept and structure of October Salon, as one of the most important art events in the City of Belgrade, for the purpose of improving its quality and enhancing its importance.

It was decided to turn the Salon into an international event, i.e. to include foreign artists in this event. These artists will present current trends in visual arts in the most adequate manner together with their counterparts from Serbia and Montenegro.


October Salon is the only cultural event with a local framework in the city (Theatre Festival BITEF, Music Festival BEMUS, and Film Festival FEST).

It means that local art scene is presented at this art event. Although some experiments were made at the previous Salons (for example, an exhibition of Luchezar Boyadziev held in 2001), they represented discontinuous attempts that gave no results.

The Council feels that for the further course of this event it is of utmost importance to define it as an international exhibition. Belgrade would thus enter the international art agenda, bearing in mind all the premises necessary in order to promote such an event seriously on the international art scene.

On the other hand, local scene would take a new life, whereby local artists would have an opportunity to exhibit along with foreign ones. It would be also a great occasion to have an insight into two productions and to compare them as well.

The Council appointed Anda Rottenberg, a Polish art historian and art critic, to be Art Director of 45th October Salon.