18 July 2018

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Yael Bartana
(born in Kfar-Yehezkel, Israel, 1970) lives and works in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. She studied at the School of Visual Arts, New York (1999) and was an artist in residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (2000-2001). She represented Poland at the Venice Biennial of 2011 as the first non-Polish artist. She participated in the Sao Paolo Biennial (2010 and 2006), Documenta 12 in Kassel (2007) and the Istanbul Biennial (2005).

Wild Seeds, 2005.
two channel video and sound installation
videoprojection, 6,39 min
Soundtrack by Daniel Meir
Courtesy of the artist and Annet Gelink Gallery Amsterdam


Wild Seeds was shot in the Palestinian occupied territories: in the beautiful mountainous landscape of the Prat region. The film is based on a simulation game called "Evacuation of the Gilad Farm Outpost" created by a group of young Israeli leftist activists (conscientious objectors for the most part) shortly before their Israeli Defence Force recruitment. Bartana’s video installation consists of two projections, one featuring an image (the aforementioned game), and the other – a text in English. Both are brought together by sound – the voice reverberating throughout the installation space of a female Reform cantor singing about the love of God. 
Israeli society, as it emerges in Bartana's staged documentary-style films, is a nationalistic, patriotic society with a military-minded collective identity. These tendencies are made manifest in belligerent ritualism, as well as the appropriation of nature and religion into national iconography.



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