20 July 2018

Vahida Ramujkic
was born in Belgrade where she also graduated Fine Arts Studies. From 1998 till 2008 she lives in Barcelona where in 2001 with Laia Sadurní founds Rotor Collective ( that will be active until 2006. Initiating series of projects and explorations in public space, in playful and improvised mannier Rotor is developing its own methods to approach actuality balancing on the border between art, activism, urban and social studies.
Recent projects include : Schengen with ease (2006), Disputed Histories (2008), Storm, return home and other terrible stories for children (2009). In 2008 she initiates collaboration with Aviv Kruglanski with the project of Documentary Embroidery (Barcelona, Cairo, Bristol, Belgrade), Neighbourhood Superheroes (Barcelona, Cairo, 2010), Micro Cultures, in collaboration with micro-organisms (2011).


Disputed Histories / “Our newest Hysteries” collage booklet, result of the workshop in Banja Luka

Disputed Histories

Vahida Ramujkić’s project deals directly with the writing of history and history lessons in primary and secondary schools in former Yugoslavia. Even at first glance, it is clear that the interpretation of historical facts in each of the newborn countries differ from what was taught to generations less than two decades ago – at a time when a single and unquestionable history existed. The project Disputed Histories is an installation resembling a classroom. Visitors are presented with an abundance of old and new textbooks written for primary and secondary schools, collected systematically by the artist for years. In many cases, even a glimpse at the cover page reveals where the book was published. Visitors are invited to open, read and compare the content of these books in order to get acquainted with the various countries’ old and new national histories.


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