19 July 2018

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Art Clinic was founded in 2002 as the last project of the LED Art Group. Its activities are based on a utopian idea that art can cure and change the sick society in which we live. The Group aims to subvert and transgress the  power hierarchy within the arts, culture and society as a whole.
The Art Clinic project is a multimedia process operating on two levels:  regular programme  activities (exhibitions in Šok Gallery, evening nude, kinoclinics, lectures and discussions) and  projects (Perspectives, the Reconstruction of a Crime, Shock Alliance, Additional Drawing Lessons, etc.). Art Clinic is not a formal group based on common aims and the mutual confidence of its collaborators.


The Big Celebration – Euthanasia, installation, 2011

The Art Clinic’s participation at the October Salon will be twofold. The first segment is a recreation of the Shock Gallery in the Museum’s exhibition area. Each part of this version of the Shock Gallery represents one of the activities of the Art Clinic. The gallery is divided into different areas, occupying the same space as the original exhibition in Novi Sad. One area shows the entire archive of the Art Clinic since its creation in 2002. Another, black gallery exhibits incomplete projects: Tanks against the Assembly, Doorstep for a Street in Srebrenica, Ashes Left from Burning of Artwork – all from the previous action Museum from Ashes, within the exhibition Space for New Dialogue which was organised by the Vojvodina Museum of Contemporary Art – as well as the Emergency Chorus and Orchestra: Whistling at the Opening of 38th Novi Sad Salon. The last space in this recreated gallery is a white box intended for future projects.



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