18 July 2018

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Amir Yatziv (Karmiel, Israel, 1972) currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied  at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem (2004 — 2008) and Computer science, IDC Herzelia, Israel (1998 – 2001).  His recent solo exhibitions include: Holstein-Haus Kunst in Schwerin,  (2011), Ramat-Gan Museum of Art in Israel, Appendix2 Gallery in Warsaw (2010). He participated in many group exhibitions in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Grait Britain, Israel.

Detroit, 2009
one channel video, c-print, (40x50cm) x 4, drawing on paper 200 x 120cm
Courtesy of the artist

is a 1:1 simulation of a Palestinian city, like Gaza or other identical urban Arab situation.
The title of the installation was borrowed from the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) training area near Ze’elim in the country’s southern region. In the video work Yatziv presents the architectural plans for “Detroit” to various urban planners, without mentioning what this plan represents – asking them instead to analyse the city for him. All the planners express varying measures of discontent with the city plan, but none realise that it is a city constructed for the sole purpose of simulation. The simulation prepares the fighter for “better” confrontation in real time, striving to neutralise the element of surprise in battle by exercising – dulling the shock of encounter with the real.



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