23 May 2018

Damir Avdić, born in Tuzla in 1964, is the founder of the punk band Rupa u Zidu (A Hole in the Wall), with which he recorded five albums: Just Be Cool (Samo hladno, 1991), Just Keep the Distance (Samo budi na distanci, 1994), Love Me My Darling (1995), Good Night Patients (Laku noć pacijenti, 1996) and Kora (1999). He published solo albums Of Thorns and Stings (Od trnja i žaoka, 2004), The Dead are Dead (Mrtvi su mrtvi, 2008), Life is a Paradise (Život je raj, 2010). Avdić also published two novels: The Bridge on Blood (Na krvi ćuprija, 2005) i Enter Džehenem (2009). He wrote the music for the theatre performance Ein Kind unserer Zeit (Hamburg 2007/2008), directed by Branko Šimić, in which he also appeared as an actor. Avdić won the Farah Tahirbegović Award in 2008. His monodrama based on his novel Na krvi ćuprija was performed in Glej Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia (director Maret Bulc). In 2011 he wrote music for the documentary film The Total Gambit and fiction film Arheo, directed by Jan Cvitković.


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