19 July 2018

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October Art Salon is a representative event featuring actual tendencies in the domain of visual arts, founded under the auspices of the City of Belgrade. It was established in 1960 as an exhibition of the best works in the sphere of fine arts. In 1967 it became an important review of the current trends in applied arts, too. Owing to its tradition of more then four decades, the October Salon represents an important segment in the study of the modern Serbian art of the second half of the 20th century. The Salon has become a point of reference of Serbian culture, a representative review of creators in the broad sphere of visual arts and a great exhibition of authors whose selectors are prominent experts in this area. In the course of its history, the Salon has changed its concept and organizational forms, but it has remained a strong challenge to creative consciousness.

The Council of the Salon makes decisions on its concept. This Council consists of renowned experts in the sphere of visual arts (art historians, art critics and artists), appointed by the City of Belgrade. The Council selects the international Jury that gives three equal awards for the best art works exhibited at the Salon. An art director, who suggests a concept of the Salon, was appointed since 2001.

Until 2005, the October Salon has been an event presenting solely the art scene of Serbia and Montenegro. Wishing to establish a fuller dialogue between the October Art Salon and the international art scene, the City of Belgrade and the Council have decided that the future Salons should be international in character. The change of the Salon's concept and structure is very important for the development of the oldest and most important visual arts event in Belgrade.

October Art Salon has been promoting only artists from Serbia till 2004, when this manifestation turned into an international event in a hope that will start a dialogue with the international art scene.

In 2004 Ms Anda Rotenberg, art historian from Poland, curated the first international 45th October Salon.
In 2005 the Art Director of the 46th October Salon was Ms Darka Radosavljević Vasiljevic, art historian from Serbia.
In 2006 the Art Director of the 47th October Salon was Mr René Block, renowned curator from Germany.
In 2007 the Art Director of the 48th October Salon was Mr Lorand Hegyi, renowned curator from Hungary.
In 2008 the Art Director of the 49th October Salon was Ms Bojana Pejić, art historian from Serbia.
In 2009 the Art Director of the 50th October Salon was Ms Branislava Anđelković Dimitrijević, art historian from Serbia.


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