16 July 2018

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Irena Wölle (born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1965) is a designer of visual communications and an activist, living in Ljubljana. She has authored numerous design projects for a wide range of key cultural and Non-Governmental institutions in Slovenia.

Vuk Ćosić (born in Belgrade, Serbia, 1966) is a new media artist, web strategist, and activist living in Ljubljana. Ćosić is founder of and the author of web strategies for numerous cultural, corporate and political clients.

Educational poster with chronology and documentation of the project Kitchen Revolution

One of the key concerns of any society is the work and integrity of educational institutions. In many countries, especially those in which the recent decades were marked by turbulent wars or violent changes in government, the rules of the educational system and their implications are often subject to revision. More often than not, even basic facts are questioned. Institutions tend to shape themselves in line with their dominant policies, the religious affiliation of the majority, and strength of military structures, etc. In many cases, educational institutions are selective when deciding on the content and curricula of their programmes. There are even examples where we can see human rights violations. This does not refer only to this part of the public sector, but the effects within this sphere are more dangerous and terrifying when we bear in mind the recipients of this information – those who have not fully shaped their own opinions and actions. Designer and activist, Irena Woelle and pioneer of Internet art, Vuk Ćosić took decisive action when an individual, in this case a teacher, chose to adjust primary school lessons according to his own personal biases.



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