16 July 2018

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Khaled Jarrar was born in Jenin, He completed his studies in Interior Design at the Palestine Polytechnic University in 1996, and he get his BA with visual Art from the International Academy of Art-Palestine, he entered the world of photography in 2004, his first exhibition "At the Checkpoint” in 2007 has been placed in full view of the Israeli soldiers at Howarra & Qalandia checkpoint. Jarrar works with photography, video, and Performance. He participated in a number of solo and groups shows. Since 2008, Jarrar made a number of video artworks and short films. He worked on several other short films in Palestine. His first short experimental video was met with success and was shown locally and internationally (Basel Art 41, Les Instants Video, London Palestine Film Festival, and others).


Docile Soldier, 2011
Photographs and  video, 35 min
Courtesy of the artist

The installation Docile Soldier takes the power relation between the photographer and the subject of photography to the extreme. In this case, the photographer is an officer that follows the process of his subordinates as they become soldiers. Unlike other officers however, Jarrar also follows/documents this process with his camera. Photography is the result of an encounter between one and the other. In this encounter, one is holding a camera, while the other, knowingly or not, becomes the photographed or filmed soldier. An image – aspects of that soldier – are inscribed within the film.


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