18 July 2018

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Mladen Miljanović (born in Zenica, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 1981), completed the secondary school in Doboj. After the secondary school he attended the Reserve Officer School where he earned the rank of sergeant. Mladen Miljanović has based his art work upon his own life experience: on one hand it is the experience of growing up during the war and after war in the destroyed, impoverished, ethnically and territorially divided, and externally isolated country; on the other hand it is his formal education (at one stage of his education he attended the Reserve Officer School). The consequences of the war (work with the war invalids) and knowledge gained in the military school (use of senseless military “image vocabulary” in the new, art context), make the basic field of reference of Miljanović’s work as an artist.



Do you intend to lie to me?, 2011
movie set photos, 14 min
Photography : Drago Vejnović
Courtesy of the artist and Ante Wachs Gallerie, Berlin


Miljanović began his career at an officers’ school in Banja Luka. After nearly a year, he changed his mind and decided to redirect his efforts into the field of art. For the purpose of the film, Do You Intend to Lie to Me? Miljanović used certain tactics to push the viewer into the world of brutal reality. Members of a special police unit stormed a cafe, arrested a man and escorted him to a police station in handcuffs, while the entire operation was monitored from above by helicopters. An interrogation ensues. Details of the suspect’s life are revealed with 26 questions. The audience feels as if they are standing on the other side of a one-way mirror in the interrogation room. They can hear the suspect’s replies, and are offered a brief look at the lie detector results. The social and political setting of the post-war Bosnian society, as well as the effects of wars which are manifested on the daily political scene, ethnic and religious divides and social instability, are constant elements in Miljanović’s performances, videos and installations.



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