16 July 2018

Miklós Erhardt (born in Budapest, 1966) works in the overlaps between social, political and artistic fields. He has worked in the artistic collaboration Big Hope as well as making art individually and teaching, publishing and participating in various workshops. His recent shows include De Appel, Ludwig Museum-Budapest, Apex Art Gallery, Galerija SKC-Belgrade and Wiener Secession.
Little Warsaw is the collective name for artists András Gálik and Bálint Havas as an umbrella unit for their collaborative activities. Little Warsaw have exhibited at the Venice Biennial, the Berlin Biennial, Stedelijk Museum, GFZK Leipzig, Apex Art Gallery.


Ship of fools, 2011
video stills, 30min
Courtesy of the artsts


La nave dei folli (The Ship of Fools) is a project by Hungarian artist, Miklós Erhardt and the artistic duo, Little Warsaw. Erhardt’s Brechtian approach, and his focus on social issues such as homeless people, immigration and economic power-centres, is sometimes related to his research on historical symbols, monuments and their meaning in public spaces. These are also the main guidelines in the work of Little Warsaw.
In 2002, local anarchists briefly occupied the Ex-Peterlini building (in a small town of Rovereto in South Tyrol), which had been abandoned for years. The event caused a stir among the local population and the authorities, launching a lengthy campaign for eviction of the squatters. All local and regional media were reporting on this development. Viewers follow a storyline which, in some parts, was expanded to a point where we can no longer tell whether what we see is a reconstruction of real events, or an artistic interpretation. Repetition of the past extends beyond the main message of this project.



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Belgrade October salon 2011

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