17 July 2018

City Gallery (City gallery) Ljubljana, City Square 5
November 10th  – December 31st
52nd October Salon: Beyond the Truth
curator: Galit Eilat and Alenka Gregoric
Opening: November 10th at 19.00

Jaciv Amir (Amir Yatziv) - Hollywood Strings, 2011;
Rabbi Mrue (Rabih Mroué) - On Three Posters, video, 2004;
Michael Blum (Michael Blum) - The Three Failures, video installation, 2006;
Etcetera - From the Truth Relative to the Absolute Error, installation, 2011;
Mladen Miljanović - Do you intend to lie to me, film, 2011;
Katarina Zdjelar - Act I and Act II, video, 2010;
Ibro Hasanović - Short Story, Film, 2011.

Being internationalized in 2004, The October Salon has entered into a period of intense international promotion and networking with the most important artistic events in the region and Europe. We recall that the Salon was introduced to foreign experts and the general audience in the Kunsthalle in Fridericianum in Kassel (2006), Micronaratives exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Saint Etienne (2008), within the program of fifth Berlin Biennale (2009), so it was presented at 11th Istanbul Biennial (2009).
The current exhibition in Ljubljana, entitled Beyond the Truth is a continuation of international recognition and positioning of the Salon, with a significant difference compared to the previous situation: this time it is the exhibition, which is an integral part of Belgrade's current settings,  with further elaboration of the topic, by has been the curators Galit Eilat and Alenka Gregoric, who set as a conceptual framework for the 52nd October edition of the Salon.

What is the correlation between the truth, storytelling and narratives of the history? Can the truth over take a visual form? Is the truth in a different form of untruth? Who is telling the truth? How do we shape the fiction in accordance with our personal truths - some of the issues that Ljubljana exhibition Beyond the Truth initiated by placing into focus the aesthetics of storytelling in contemporary art. Selected artists are dealing with oral narration, construction of the truth and its visualization. The exhibited works are linked by the question to what extent the truth is open so it can be constructed, deconstructed, or manipulated it in contemporary visual culture. The fact that the authors come from different contexts, climates and cultures shows how this phenomenon is presented in the world.


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