20 July 2018

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Awarded at the 52nd October Salon

Laureat of 52nd October Salon Award  has been Vahida Ramujkić, who participated at the Salon with installation Debated Hiistory. Three-membered Jury decided on the Award: Zdenka Badovinac, Director of the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, Dejan Sretenović, Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade and Jerko Denegri, an art historian from Belgrade. The Jury their choice to give the award to Vahida Ramujkić, explained in the following words: work Debated History by Vahida Ramujkic in the form of the archive interactive installations is dealing with the current topic revision of history textbooks of the Yugoslav peoples in the post-Yugoslav states. Responding to the research the notion of responsibility of the artists which is the main topic of this year's October Salon, Ramujkics work of art is conceived as a kind of open classrooms and workshops of history arriving at the truth is left to the individual as an active reader and commentator exposed material. The quality of this work comes from its participating character and the use of the art field as a development platform for discussions on the status of historical facts in the discourses of science, education and national policies.

Also, the Award was given to the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, which includes organizing the exhibition in one of the gallery space center, thus establishing direct cooperation between the Centre and as the organizer of the Salon artists represented at the Salon. This year's winner is Arthur Žmijevski, an artist from Poland. This year at the October Salon, Žmijevsky presented himself with two works in the form of videos: They, video from 2007. and Repetition, in 2005. In the opinion of the jury, among other things, it is said that Žmijevski in his work explores the long-term trauma caused by different historical and socio-political events. Thematic relevance and perfection in the work of Žmijevski are appropriate to the concept art work of Cultural Centre of Belgrade ... Otherwise, the renowned Polish artist has made several guest appearances in various art programs og Cultural Centre of Belgrade: the first time Belgrade audience had a chance to see his work was the on the exhibition Critics have chosen 2002, the author was Bojana Pejic, then on the 46th October Salon, which Artistic Director was Darka Radosavljevic.

About the Award of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade decided Jury members: Mia David, Gordana Dobrić and Aleksandra Estela Bjelica Mladenovic.


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