Dubravka Stojanovic

DUBRAVKA STOJANOVIĆ was born in 1963 in Belgrade. She received her master’s degree in 1992 from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, for her thesis “Serbian Social-democratic Party and the War Program of Serbia 1912–1918”. She received her Ph. D. in 2012 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, for her dissertation “European Democratic Ideals in Serbian Political and Intellectual Elite 1903–1914”. Since that year, she has been working as an assistant professor at the History Department, Section for General and Contemporary History. She has been elected as an associate professor in 2008. She has participated in numerous scientific conferences both in Serbia and abroad. Together with Milan Ristović and Miroslav Jovanović she is the editor of the Annual of Social History. She was a member of the editorial staff of the Serbia in 20th Century Modernization Processes (1996) and Serbia in Modernization Processes: the Role of Elites (2003) anthologies. She was course coordinator at Women’s and Peace Studies, as well as the Alternative Education Network in Serbia. She deals in issues of democracy in Serbia and the Balkans at the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th century, the interpretation of history in contemporary Serbian schoolbooks (she is the vice-president of the Balkan History Education Committee), social history, modernization processes and women’s history in Serbia. She has received the 2003 City of Belgrade Award for social sciences and humanities, for her work Serbia and Democracy: 1903–1914.