Mirjana Djurdjevic

MIRJANA DJURDJEVIĆ (1956), B.Sc. C.E. Ph. D. in urban planning. Professor at Civil Engineering College, Belgrade. She has written a series of six crime novel parodies featuring a female detective Harriett as the main character: A Murder at The Academy of Science, The Parking Lot of St. Savatije, Old Man Ranko’s Musings About Women — awarded with Female Pen 2004, A Corpse in the Warehouse, The Jacuzzi in the Elevator, Serbian Legends and As Soon as I Survive. Also non-fiction Anatomy Class at the Civil Engineering Faculty and novels In Transition, On Her Own, The Dragoness’ Smile, historical metafictions Keepers of the Sacrament; Kaya, Belgrade and the Good American — awarded with “Mesa Selimovic” for the best novel published in 2009 in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro, and Bremasons. She lives and writes in Belgrade, Serbia.