Kiosk Dialogues
video interviews

The work was presented at the 51st October Salon: The Night Pleases Us.

It was conceived as a communication platform, where the participants were co-creators and co-authors. They themselves chose how they would be presented, what they would say and how, fully aware that their statements would become integral parts of the artwork intended for public presentation.

It was carried out at the 51st October Salon in Belgrade in 2010. The participants were pupils of several Belgrade secondary schools: Electrical Engineering School Nikola Tesla; School of Beauty Care; the Third, Sixth and Twelfth Belgrade Grammar Schools. They were all asked to answer the same question, “What is your most impressive childhood memory?”

In October 2010, during the Salon, Kiosk Dialogues were broadcast on Studio B and RTS televisions.

The project was realized in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Belgrade and Hartefakt Foundation.

© Kiosk and Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the October Salon Collection and the artists
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Photo: still from the video work


The Kiosk Platform for Contemporary Art acts in the fields of contemporary art and culture, with the aim to create specific art dialogue platforms and enable the cooperation of artists and cultural workers with the widest audience. Kiosk initiates its works, exhibitions and projects believing that innovative art practices contribute to openness and enable a better understanding of social and political issues that are part of everyday life in modern societies. Kiosk was founded by artist Ana Adamović and art historian Milica Pekić in 2002.

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