Kiosk dialogues, 2010, video, color, sound, 9 ‘
Concept – Ana Adamovic, Milica Pekic
Director of photography – Vladimir Miladinovic
Sound Recorder – Ivan Kadelburg
Editing – Vladimir Miladinovic, Ana Adamovic

The project is conceived as an artistic communication platform aimed at establishing dialogue with as many participants as possible. Participants in the dialogue are co-authors of the work and not only passive process observers. They decide on how they will be presented, what they will say, and with full awareness that their attitudes and works are becoming an integral part of the work intended for public presentation.

This work was realized during the 51st October Salon in Belgrade in 2010. Forty Belgrade high school students participated in the project during the exhibition. All of them were asked to answer the same question – What’s your most memorable childhood memory? During the 51st October Salon, Kiosk dialogues were broadcast on Belgrade’s Studio B. The project was realized in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Belgrade and Heartefact Fund, Belgrade.