Life Flight (Elan vital), 2011-15, photography, 74 x 90 cm

In the series of photographs Life Flight (Elan Vital) there is a series of visually resolved basketball attacks on the terrains of Belgrade, Zajecar, Cacak, Kraljevo, Pozega, Herceg Novi (Montenegro), Trebinje (RS, BiH), Vroclav (Poland), Milan ) and Madrid (Spain). Within such interventions in the space, the ways of designing and presenting the theoretical frameworks, which come from a basketball coach who transfers their ideas to the field, can be indicated. Thanks to this mode of operation, most viewers can explain and show the strength of the moment and the determination of the coaches and players to make the agreed decision on the basketball court. The moment that makes the difference, in which one sports game is transferred to the field of art, and where the achieved singularity can be read as an artwork.