The intention is to make the Collection a laboratory where ideas and objects are processed and connected in a whole.

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade formed the October Salon Collection motivated by the act of Belgian artist Jan Fabre, who gave his work, exhibited at the 52nd October Salon I am a one man movement, as a gift to the CCB on closing the Salon. The October Salon Collection was found with intent to create the representative  fundus of art works, as records of phases of the contemporary visual art.

The idea behind compiling October Salon Collection was also to present the modern art practice to general public, not just through simple display, but through reinstating an active dialogue between the artists and the public.

The Collection comprises works by artists, recognized in Serbia and abroad, who have participated in October Salon international exhibitions since 2004 and who have donated one or more works. It is also intention to enlarge the Collection not only though artists’ gifts, but also through acquisitions, in order to enrich its very character (versatility and synopsis). Some of the works in the Collection, presented at the October Salon exhibitions since 2014, were created and produced for these exhibitions. These works have become part of the Collection by artists’ consent.