Future doesn’t Hold Anything for Us, 2010, ink, pen, acrylic on canvas, 38 x 71 cm

Drawing/painting Future doesn’t Hold Anything for Us! deals with the issue of Memento Vivere as it is juxtaposed to the often used theological phrase Memento Mori. Given the fact that everything is slanted towards loss of hope and desire, young folks have to wait and can not act. They are waiting for the end without even starting to live. This drawing is contemporary of my other works like Physical Examination and Synchronized Swimming that emphasize state of the youth development. Youth doesn’t sublimate their fear but suppresses it and are thus frustrated in a way that often marks them for a life. Space that these young girls occupy is a part of school bathroom but it still alludes to the more sinister surroundings.

Into Deep Waters, 2016, Oil on canvas, tryptych