Shoum, 2010, video, 7 ‘

Shoum is one of the most important works of Zdjelarova and the only one in Serbia in the past 10 years of its creation. Since its inception to date, work has been shown on all continents. The work follows a musical rehearsal of two young men in Belgrade in the process of transcription about decoding the words of the famous song “Tears for Fears” Shout that they intend to integrate into their repertoire. Since they do not speak English, they produce a single private language, which is actually a non-language. They translate their experience of listening to the English language into the experience of speaking that language. By changing the recognizable sounds of English into abstract sound units, the English word shout becomes shoum, these are things turning into pizzas and pizzas, let it all out in the ram …, and so on, until the whole song becomes unrecognizable neither in English nor in Serbian.