I do not believe in words, 2012, wood, 76 x 45 x 8.5 cm

The work belongs to a group of works in which the artist interprets the environment in which we live through a personal and intimate set design with fine irony. The work carries the characteristics of his earlier achievements, that is, adherence to dualism, collapsing at first glance the incompatible worlds and elements. This is certainly reflected above all in the materials used in its works, on the one hand attached to classical sculptural education in the work of classical material, fine modeling, attention given to the forms and arts and the playful spirit of a man staring at the real world and his often paradoxical everyday life. An additional game in this work is called. It supports observer associations, simple words describing the essence of work, literally. He adds energy to the plastic metaphor, and makes it an authentic field of seeing things and lives.